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Dragonhouse Studios is located in northshore Kauai and we have a diverse range of abilities. We feature company identity packages, where your business' look is established. We listen to and are motivated by your vision of your company. We work until you love your logo. A flat rate, with no time limit, is charged during this logo creation process, so you don't need to worry about taking all the time it requires to arrive at the logo that really makes you happy.


We can also update and refresh an existing logo. Updating is a normal event for any company after some time has passed. Perhaps you've acquired a company and want to add your personality to the existing logo or you weren't totally happy with a logo created elsewhere. We can refresh and redefine it.


When Dragonhouse Studios creates your logo, you have our support on-going, at no extra charge, to supply the proper file type of your logo to other developers that you may from time to time employ.


With 40 years of designing for print, we can fulfill most all your needs regarding advertising, product labeling, CD covers, t-shirt design, brochures, rack cards, business cards, letterhead, and many other items.




Rebecca has a special interest in recording musicians and song production. She has good equipment in a casual atmosphere. No project is too small.


Marilou's talented pursuits have mostly gone to the birds! Read about her exploits of volunteering for the annual Albatross nest count on Midway Atoll. In between doing that she works seasonally for Kauai's Save Our Shearwaters (SOS) program, which has her involved with the rehabilitation of injured wild birds, especially seabirds.

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